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Beautiful Coin (BEU)
the official Art Coin of Beautiful Thought Coins World

A new satirical hybrid NFT art experiment about bureaucracy, emotion, and currency asking what would happen if money had consciousness?

Beautiful Thought Coins is a collection of digital hand-drawn NFT art known as 'thoughts' available to collectors on OPENSEA using Polygon ETH and RARIBLE using ETH. In response, the companion physical art series makes a reassessment of the NFT art and crypto boom and crash crafted through painting, video editions, and digital art prints. 


Some coins are curious and happy whereas others are sad or depressed. We don't necessarily consider currency as having an emotion but I like to think of these thoughts as a meta-evolution. These are all beautiful thoughts.


Beautiful Thought Coins Collection OpenSea NFT official contract address:


BEAUTIFUL COIN (BEU) is an official crypto coin token termed as an 'Art Coin' minted on Polygon with a smart contract supply of 200 coins. It will never be listed on an exchange or sold as a tradable currency. The currency exists in an entity only as conceptual art. Each coin is pegged to the structure of feelings from each of the 200 NFT artwork in the series

BEU official Polygon contract address:

'Disco Farming' is a term to describe the process of minting crypto coin tokens on an existing blockchain with the intention to never be traded. 'Art Coin' is a Metamodern crypto coin token that's pegged to the structure of feeling in a specified artwork.

Presented by GBiennale BG22 Lab.



Physical Art




Limited edition digital prints inspired by the first NFT edition available 1 May, 2022.

70 x 90cm

Digital Type-C Lambda print

Signed version.

Editions 10 + 1 AP each

$750 AUD each unframed

Complete with a seven factor security certificate of authenticity including a hologram strip, unique asset number and QR code



Video art



Limited edition video art inspired by the first NFT edition available 1 May, 2022

4K video 3840 x 2160
25 fps, stereo, 3 mins

ProRes HQ digital download

Editions 120 + 1 AP each

$35 AUD each 

Complete with a seven factor security certificate of authenticity including a hologram strip, unique asset number and QR code






Free EP created with AI voice, CC0 1.0, and CC4.0 music satirically exploring the sublime world of AI generated bureaucracy and money. In the spirit of Radiohead's Fitter Happier, this next allegorical iteration framed as an AI spoken word musical creates the society of Beautiful Thought Coins World governed by lifestyle AI ensuing infomercial human disco farming. Join your host '4' as it explores a wide range of topics including NFT art, end of life deletion packages, apathy enrichment, and happy Chihuahuas. 

All tracks are mixed at 96k WAV

Offered as a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike 4.0 licence.



Coins prin book cover 500px.jpg


Digital book of the complete NFT series 1 featuring 200 colour plates and front matter.

ISBN: 978-0-6489553-5-1

206 pages

200 colour plates

Typeset in Avenir Next

Available on iBooks, Amazon, Kobo, and Nook.

Search 'Beautiful Thought Coins: NFT art Shaun Wilson' 



Softback book of the complete NFT series 1 featuring 200 colour plates and front matter.

ISBN:  978-0-6489553-6-8

206 pages

200 colour plates

Typeset in Avenir Next

Perfect bound

Edition of 100

Certificate of authenticity, edition signed by author




Download PDF

NFT art is a fantastic emergent collectable that's changed the way the art world considers money and fungibility. The following is a simple and honest reflection on collecting NFT art as three types: personal, investment, and SMSF investment.  As I’m an Australian artist, national collectors are subject to Australian tax laws governed by the ATO. If you are in another country, check with your national tax laws and accountant for similar effects.


Collecting my NFT art

Everyone has different reasons for collecting NFT art so I purposely began listing mine with realistic affordability of 0.1 ETH Polygon to generate potential future growth. At the time of publication, my NFT art starts at $310 AUD [Feb 2022] each which is the same price if I was to sell the equivalent as a digital asset on a USB flash drive. 

Why collect my NFT art?

  • 30 year track record of 200+ screenings and exhibitions inter/nationally

  • Affordable starting price in line with my physical and digital art sales 

  • Sales strategy eliminates devaluing of physical art sales

  • Unique artwork recognised globally in the field

  • Minted on Polygon blockchain with a lower environmental impact than Ethereum

  • All artworks have frozen metadata and can’t be changed later on

  • Adds cultural value to your existing art collection

  • All of my NFTs are individually made by hand not created with AI and are individually uploaded manually

Costs and hidden costs

When purchasing NFT art you would have already paid money to have your base currency converted to crypto, fees involved to start a wallet and other gas fees involved to begin trading. My Polygon NFTs have their metadata frozen i.e not lazy minted and my ETH NFTs are centralised. If you are collecting NFTs in general, you have to as a general word consider these extra costs:

  • Gas fees

  • After-sale lazy minting fees 

  • Transaction fees 

  • Bank transfer fees

  • Crypto exchange fees

Personal collecting

Anyone with a crypto wallet and currency can purchase NFT art. You can own it forever and display it on any capable digital device. There are now display options for a made-for-purpose (MFP) surface or wall mount screens that can display the NFT art like you would a painting or 2D image on a wall. You can resell your NFT art at any time for a higher price than you purchased at, enabling a profit base trade. As with any art collecting, it can also be about the love of collecting art because you feel a connection with what you are purchasing.

Investment collecting

Investment art collecting strategies can work on the same principle as physical art collecting. This includes a balanced or high-risk portfolio, customised boutique collecting to suit your individual investment preferences, and blue-chip investment to capitalise on low-risk investment.

SMSF collecting

You can now consider NFT art as a potential SMSF investment but before you commit to purchase we suggest that you first speak with your adviser.

The last word

No matter what type of art collector you are, NFT art is a rewarding and innovative medium that is changing how we collect and think about collecting art. Consider my NFT art for your collection where I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Happy collecting! - SW

NOTE: All stated perspectives are not specified legal advice and you should take these suggestions as such to discuss further with your accountant, lawyer, or adviser before committing to purchase.

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