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Your request has been declined and you are not welcome to sign in to WRECK. Please read our legal notice by scrolling below.

Our blockchain community standards policy ensures that all users of WRECK are declined access to ensure maximum efficiency of our misanthropist wellness experience. In compliance with our user interaction policy, we have provided that this decline notice is written in the smallest text size possible to maximise our inclusive access policy that enables users to be declined in a way that upholds our misanthropist inclusive policy. Here at WRECK, we have a zero-tolerance policy for any selfish behaviour which includes but is not restricted to happiness, meaningfulness, belonging, unsightly inclinations for free elections and protected borders, contemplation, pleasure, or entertainment. We pride ourselves on upholding the most secure special operations of misanthropy to enable front-end benchmarks of global misanthropic truthfulness. WRECK facilitates the highest levels of cancelling members or in other words, we just don't like you and go away.


LEGAL NOTICE: Its satire, apparently. The world could be a good place. Play nice and don't be a cunt, especially by invading other people's countries and claiming it to be a special operation of your own bullshit. Love is all you need.

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