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Shaun Wilson PhD, is an Australian artist, film-maker, writer, and educator who for the past 30 years has made socio-political work about memory and places. He has exhibited and screened in over 300 public events including the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, 76th Venice International Film Festival, 11th Venice International Art Fair, 41st Art Cologne, 1st Athens Biennial, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Museum of Contemporary Art Fenosa Union, Institute of Modern Art Brisbane, Seattle Centre on Contemporary Art, Moscow Museum of Fine Arts, Centre for Contemporary Culture Barcelona, and filmed collaborative work screened at the Tate Modern, Dundee Arts Centre Scotland, FACT Liverpool,  and the Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction from RMIT University (1995), a Bachelor of Fine Arts (hons) with distinction from Monash University (1996), and a PhD from the University of Tasmania (2005) where he was awarded a prestigious Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) scholarship. His projects and research have received funding from the National Association of Visual Arts (NAVA), Arts Victoria, Regional Arts Victoria, the Australia Council for the Arts, the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victorian State Government, RMIT University, University of Tasmania, the ERGAS Collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney and private philanthropic funding.  He has filmed and directed the slow cinema series The 51 Paintings Suite and has produced and directed two narrative-based feature films The Last Man in Vegas and Black Garden.

As collaboration, Shaun composes and performs in an AI boy band named 'AREMSTAR based on the mass delete code of *RM in computational science.

In 2024, Shaun is completing a second PhD at Flinders University, is an adjunct professor of film and art at Bakers Road Entertainment, and a senior lecturer in the School of Design, RMIT University.

ORCID# 0000-0003-1685-2753


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