Title: The 51 Paintings Suite

Chief Investigator: Shaun Wilson

Funding: Arts Victoria (2008), The Australia Council for the Arts (2010), ERGAS Collection acquisition funds (2007)

Description: Representing the reimaging of poses from characters located in various historical paintings into slow cinema artefacts

Title: Nonsense Machines

Chief Investigator: Shaun Wilson

Support: Melbourne Design Week 2018 presented by the National Gallery of Victoria

Description: Demonstrating failed experiments from climate change denial through miniatures


Title: Place and Virtuality

Co-editors: Jeff Malpas, Shaun Wilson 

Description: Exploring the connections and relationships between places and the virtual

Title: Rethinking Slow Cinema

Author: Shaun Wilson

Description: An enquiry of the slow cinema movement in a twenty first century context

Title: What is Metamodernism?

Author: Shaun Wilson

Description: Redefining the critical theory landscape after 9/11 through the rise of the absolute and new relativism.

Title: The Gothic Memorium

Author: Shaun Wilson

Publisher: Windsor Bentley Press

ISBN: 9780987375308

Description: The dark and satirical adventures of Dor the serial killer frog and Rod as they journey through Pepperwood and the chaos beyond.'


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