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Everything: the last 51 Paintings Suite film

The 9th and final 51 Paintings Suite film 'Everything' is nearly finished in time for my PhD2 completion. I've made some significant improvements to the footage and started to work with triple exposure ato exemplify 'memories' of previous films within the frame. It'll be about 90 minutes long and screening at Digital facade in Fed Square in July. I'm very proud of this one, its the end of 18 years working on the project and I reckon its my finest work to date.

Having gone back to the locations of where I filmed across the years, I've matched the backgrounds with glimpses of 'then' and 'now' to derive at a point where the intersections of practice and theory are finally coming together. I hope I can do a good job in finishing the series as much as I intend to. With sincere thanks to everyone who's been involved.

In true to form, I'm also filming 'Northern Light', the 8th feature film in the series which you can see below that'll also be screening in July as a triple session with 'Fading Light', the yet unscreened 7th film of the series. In a way this is the last trilogy of the series.

One of the ways I've come to understand all of the films is through what I'm investigating in PhD2 by way of trauma memory and metamodern affect in slow cinema. Its a curious topic to explore but I also think as compounding everything in the work, what I've discovered in the process is how to understand metamodern art through the lens of epistemological readings of and about metamodernism. I'll leave this for another time but have to conclude that its a great way to comprehend all of the work I've made in the one set of scholarship drawn from slow cinema and trauma studies.

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